GPPAC Annual Report

A simple 3 page microsite to show the work of peace organisation GPPAC

Web Development
gppac website screenshot

The Problem

Each year, peace organisation GPPAC creates an annual report to recap on the things they did last year and how they spent their money. This used to be a simple pdf but this year we wanted to do something special, we decided to make a standalone three-page microsite that would highlight the people, stories and data of GPPAC's 2019.

gppac website screenshot
gppac website screenshot

Visualising stories

In assignment of design studio De Zaak P. I developed a 3 page site for peace organisation GPPAC. The site includes 100% custom styling, scroll animations and an interactive map showing all gppac related organisations across the world. The website was written in Pug with SCSS for styling and javascript for simple interactions.

Tools used


Static site generation

AOS Library

Scroll animations


Mockups and Asset creation


Image optimization and cropping

GPPAC Website Screenshot: List of Cards
GPPAC Website Screenshot: Quote by Gus from GPPAC